Youth Protection for OnlyFans and Fancentro

MWC 2022

Among social network sites, so called premium social network gets more and more common and attractive for a number of users. On the partially closed platforms, explicit content can be placed behind a payment barrier by the creators. Users create public profiles and can also offer Paid Content. Behind the payment barriers are photos, videos and live streaming – not always these have to be pornographic. Well-known examples of those sites are Onlyfans and Fancentro. 

But the youth protection of sites like Onlyfans and Fancentro leaves much to be desired. Both services offer pay sites to restricted content of celebrities. Many of those celebrities are erotic models or porn stars, which offer explicit and additional content of previews of other sites (e.g. Instagram).

With irisnet AI, the artificial intelligence for image- and video processing in real time, all picture and video content could be processed, even when uploading, to evaluate the grade of content. 

As soon as the system automatically identifies e.g. a certain adult level, the content would be uploaded into the proper adult directory online. These directories could easily be associated with an adult verification system. For countries where it applies, the different levels could be sold at different prices and different access controls.

The current efforts of e.g. the German authorities, to prevent not reviewed users from access to certain contents would be fulfilled and additionally, there is an option to generated more revenues even with people from 16 to 18 upwards.

The irisnet AI would be the perfect fit for Onlyfans and Fancentro to classify all of their existing and uploading contents, both pictures and videos are digestible in real time. Especially for just uploading users, this would be the perfect solution without the hassle of not checked media.

Please check also our text about Mastercard regulation affective in October.

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