Upload Filters in Germany about to be introduced

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In Germany the federal council signals approval to the introduction of upload filters. In the Bundestag, the current coalition of Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and Social Democrats (SPD) told that they would agree to a law according to copyright policy of  the EU parliament.

Therefore  the majority of the German legislation is ready to pass a law, where content providers like YouTube or the internet access providing company has to make sure that no content is uploaded, which infringes copyright. To reach this goal, the companies have to  use professional upload filtering software.

The german company irisnet has developed with it’s own technique a highly effective and reliable Artificial Intelligence (AI) for image- and video-processing in real-time. As a first step, the irisnet software is able to scan live TV broadcasts and check them against legal signals. Even if the infringement is mirrored or within a special frame, the system identifies reliably whether it is legal or not. This is ensured by the AI and its best trained and excellent  search system and by the collaboration with the license holder on the other hand.

Specifically, that means if soccer is legally shown on a broadcasting channel, irisnet is screening exactly this broadcast and compares it to the uploaded content. If the broadcaster is cooperating with irisnet, this works as well for encrypted content, of e.g. pay-tv-channels.

irisnet software is therefore a strong and important partner for providers to support them to comply with the upcoming legal regulations and avoid possible consequential damage to companies. 

The whole irisnet system is supporting full GDPR requirements and is hosted in German data centres, each exchange with the system is secured. On the side of irisnet none of the data is stored in any way. 

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