Metzelder Case: Technological solution to ban problematic image from communication

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Metzelder Case: How to ban problematic image from communication



The Metzelder case is currently being heard in a court in Düsseldorf on suspicion of having passed on child pornography. This media-effective example shows how current and explosive this topic is. On the one hand, personal effects on the victims, on the other hand, personal effects on the recipients and, if necessary, protection of the accused must be considered here. In the digital environment, the transfer of images and videos with dubious protection of minors and illegal content is very easy for end-customers and difficult to control.


irisnet from Düsseldorf, a young start-up in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) for image and video moderation, has developed a tailor-made solution: images from social media and dating portals are examined for various aspects fully automatically and in real time. This also includes for example age of the people depicted, the number of people, the nudity, but also primary and secondary sexual characteristics that can be recognized in the image.


In concrete terms, this means that the system receives a clear warning from irisnet, the uploader sees an error message and the recipient sees nothing at all. irisnet is also GDPR compatible because no images are stored by irisnet.


The operator of the communication platform, e.g. a chat provider, can decide how to handle the reported images. A clear violation can be reported at any time, together with the images and communication data, even by irisnet itself, if that is what is required. In this case, irisnet saves the images and automatically reports them with the communication data to an investigative authority.


This protects the victims whose pictures are not disseminated, the recipients do not see these pictures and the accused have the opportunity to explain what exactly they have actually tried to send and can prove their innocence if necessary.


All in all, a tailor-made solution was developed that allows everyone involved how best to deal with the challenges. Regarding sending images, even in real time.


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